April 2, 2014

What’s a girl to pack for Bali




It’s the night before we leave for our 3 week adventure to Bali! I can’t believe this day has finally come, I have had months to plan and shop and shop.  So much I want to bring, with so little space.  Let’s start with the must haves….




The Swimsuit The print on this bikini makes this sexy style family friendly- I like it!

The BB Cream- With SPF 40 it gives me the perfect excuse when my husband ask. “Why are you wearing makeup to the beach?” This is easily my favorite piece of makeup I own… which is the only way I can justify it being so expensive.  More coverage then a tinted moisturizer but less then a foundation. It gives your skin an airbrushed, not wearing makeup look.

The Lip Gloss-   As if you lathered your lips with vaseline that just happens to have a tint of pink and lip plumper in it (shhhh!).  Perfect for that not trying, while of course trying  beachy look.

The Pajamas-  I won’t embarrass my husband if I leave the hotel room in these. As you may have read here, my new rule is “Pajama with purpose.”  These are perfectly baggy and pretty.

The Luggage-  Chic and Huge.  Enough room to fit my entire families needs.  Not the color I got to choose…. but a girl can dream right!

The Workout– Yes, I am that annoying girl that likes to workout on vacation.  I’m hoping to fall in love with a yoga class or be able to run in the 90 % humidity, but if not, I come prepared.  This versa loop (a video coming your way soon) is a perfect helper to get your booty firm.  You can do a 5 minute workout with it and be dying.

The Maxi–  I L.O.V.E. a good maxi.  Plus who doesn’t love pockets! This one is perfect because I can wear it walking around town or to a nice dinner.  Change it up with a necklace or keep it simple.  Don’t judge if you see me wearing this in just about every picture.

The Compression Socks If I’m wearing socks on a plane I might as well wear ones that make me prettier.  I was told compression socks will stop me from swelling.  I can use all the help I can get after a 19 hour flight.

The Space Savers- The only way I could pack for 4 people, 23 days and 1 suitcase!  I was able to fit all my tank tops, swimwear,bras and underwear in one cube!

The Sandals– Beachy, cute, comfy, and cheap!  They go with all my 1,000 harem pants, maxi dresses, and skirts I packed.



What can you not live without on your beach vacations?


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  1. Madeline says:

    WOW Bali ! So lucky ! Have an amazing time !

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