April 1, 2014

My Easter Eggstravaganza


Since we will be in Bali this Easter, the Easter bunny hooked us up and came early. We are just that important.  With most our family down in San Diego we spend holidays at my mom’s. Which are lovely. But since we were having an Un-Easter on March 30th and all, I got to have it at my house.  Exciting, right!?!  I have been waiting my whole adult life to be able to host a holiday.
Our house is all of 1,000 square feet with a back patio that is quite dreary looking on it’s best day.  We don’t own the home, so I have kind of just let it be.  Not so great when you need the space to entertain.  So what is a girl to do other then get creative.
Let’s talk Spray Paint. I L.O.V.E. it.  You can bring so many things back to life with a little spray here and there.

This cute metal table was a pale green that had rust spots and scratches.  A little purple spray paint made it shiny and better then new.   I couldn’t stop there so I sprayed the roof of our sad faded wood play house.  And then the beautiful purple roof needed an equally beautiful finish. This is the accidental project that never ends.  One quick trip to the hardware store sent me home with  walnut stain for the wood.  Tadah!  (next stop will be Anthropolie this to get fancy knobs)


 Now, how could I possibly make the large beyond dead tree (which sits right behind our picnic table) pretty …..
Let me say I am the furthest thing from a gardner.  So desperate times call for desperate measures.  All it took was a little snip snip.  Lucky for me I had a forgotten unseen tree on the side of our house that no one would miss.  I then went to Michaels to pick up Alice In Wonderland-esque fake flowers to add color and drama.



When it comes to holiday decorating I like pretty, clean, modern and simple.  So I relied mostly on fresh flowers.
Tip:  Bring a vase to your local florist and have them do their magic.  I gave them my budget and for just $40 they created a beautiful centerpiece.  
eats JPEG
Normally this is where I would share details of an elaborate meal I made from scratch along with recipes.  But something came over me the day before and for once I decided to make things easy on myself!  This was the most low maintenance and inexpensive menu ever.  It was a huge hit!  Even with a guest list of 20 (and a trip to Bali days away) I was ready to take on this 13 hour Thomas Keller Fried chicken recipe  (which is supposed to be amazing). Instead I ordered  the fried chicken from a local restaurant.  Along with the chicken I made this grits recipe and this waffle batter, with a plate of fresh fruit from the Farmers Market.  To make the brunch complete  I used my Omega VRT350 juicer and made Pineapple & Tangerine juice for Mimosa’s.


Our  holiday at Casa Verde was just about perfect.  Making the decision to order the fried chicken gave me a stress free holiday, allowing me to visit with my family and friends. With your Easter just around the corner think about how you want to spend your day.  Wishing you and your family a wonderful easter!


What’s on your Easter menu this year?
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