March 6, 2014

A Shallow Girls Guide To The Health Benefits Of Juicing




Now that I’m a  “juicer” (cringe), I should probably know what the health benefits are for each individual fruit and veggie.  Right?  So you can imagine my frustration when my research led me to sentences like, “Regular intake of kale juice helps our body detoxify at a genetic level,” or “Filled with Vitamin K.”   WTF does that mean ?!?!  I mean lowering  cholesterol and reducing your chance of a stroke is great, but, I’m just not there yet.  At the risk of sounding totally shallow…….I want stuff in my juice that increases weight loss, gives me glowing skin, prevents varicose veins, reduces bloating, and makes me a sex goddess!  So I have put together, “The Shallow Girls Guide To The Health Benefits Of Juicing.”


———Encourages weight loss
———Gives you glowing skin
———Improves skin elasticity & firmness Who needs Botox when you have Kale?!
——– Natural Aphrodisiac Ready for Sexy Time!
——– Can bring on your period when trying to get pregnant
———Helps morning sickness
———Can reduce period cramping
———Relieves muscle pain and soreness
——–Helps digestive system You need to poop to lose weight.
——–Helps prevent varicose veins
——– Helps burn fat
———Curbs cravings for sweet & rich food
———Natural laxative
———Rids body of excess fluid  Water weight not wanted here!
———Rehydrates your body for after your workout
——–Improves digestive system
 ——-Beneficial for your brain Beauty with brains.
——–An excellent help for constipation
——–Improves milk production for nursing moms
——–Boost your immune system
——–Helps your memory Mommy brain!
——–Boost calorie burn
——–Acts as a diuretic Who wants extra salt and water in their body?
 ——–Improves hair growth  
——–Improves quality and quantity of a mother’s breast milk.
——–Acts as diuretic
——–Reduces water retention during your period  Just make me feel skinnier during those days!
——–Can help make you more fertile
——–Helps with acne
——–Useful for treating uneven skin tones  
——–Regulates constipation
——–Gives you glowing skin
——–Prevents dry skin  
——–Anti aging  Carrots are kind of my new best friend!!!
——–Eliminates excess fluid that cause bloat and water retention
——–Can reduce period cramping
——–Boost your immune system
——–Can regulate your period
——–Improves hair growth and shine
——–Encourages digestion  AKA encourages weight loss.
——–Encourages fat loss
——–When feeling anxious it can calm and relax you  As good as wine?…Im still not convinced.
——–Boost muscle building
——–Regulates constipation
——–Helps remove toxins
——- Turns gray hair to its natural color again  I need to substitute it for water in that case
——- Greatly increases energy levels when consumed daily
——- Restores fertility
——-  Helps Tighten and loosen skin
——–Wrinkle fighter  How I L.O.V.E. those words!
——–Encourages weight loss
——–Helps remove toxins


In addition to all of these glorious benefits, all of these fruit and veggies have serious health and nutrition benefits you can find out about HERE.  


Yes, juicing is trendy, but at least it’s a healthy trend.  Why do you juice?






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