February 21, 2014

Nekter Juice Cleanse Review

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To cleanse or not to cleanse?


To cleanse or not to cleanse?  It seems everywhere you turn someone has just gotten off a cleanse, doing a cleanse, or about to do one.  I never thought it was a trend I could take on.  As I explained HERE I am a self proclaimed hypoglycemic so just thought of not eating makes me dizzy, bitchy, and very dramatic.  Even hearing all the amazing  benefits of a cleanse  was not enough to convince me to drink and not eat.  Until I came home from Hawaii last June feeling disgusting.  I’m talking my stomach was a mess, snacking on food I don’t even like, and feeling really unhealthy.  It wasn’t even planned, I just woke up and went to Nekter and bought the one day cleanse (Don’t judge– One day for me is a big deal!).


Why just one day you ask?


Since then I have actually done the 1 day Nekter cleanse a handful of times.  I attempted to do it for three days but hated the feeling of just wanting my summer days to end.  I was over booking clients (instead of hanging with my family) and thinking about day 3 ending before day two had really begun. So being my dramatic self I stopped after day two because I didn’t want to, “Waste another day wanting it to end.”  Besides one day really does the job for me.  It helps me with my cravings and gets me back to my usual healthy habits.


Nekter Cleanse Review


What’s to HEART
– In the past I couldn’t even make it 3 hours for the cabbage soup diet (remember that trend?) I have to say    I was shocked that I could make it through the day on juice.
– The drinks taste pretty good (It’s actually how I fell in love with cold press juice).
– After doing just one day of the cleanse it totally takes my cravings away and makes me crave “clean” food. It makes me think about every morsel I put in my mouth the following days.
– Nekter says it’s ok to eat a handful of almonds and half of avocado with lettuce if needed and I wanted.
– Number 6 is the so yummy its Cashew milk, Agave, and filtered water. I almost do the cleanse just to drink it. Of course it’s almost twice the calories of the others.
– There are six juices which really does get you through the day.  I honestly don’t even feel like I need Number 5 (but would never give up Number 6)
– There are often specials and you can get the cleanse for as low as $39 a day.


Not so HOT on


-After having fresh juice on a daily basis from my Omega VRT350 I have been a bit spoiled so the juice doesn’t taste super fresh to me.
– Around 1pm each day I get either exhausted or edgy (members of my family may say I’m a real bitch) but by 3pm I get another boost of energy.
– Not all Nekter cleanses are Organic so it’s kind of a bust that you have to pay an extra $10 to get organic (Read HERE on why Organic is the way to go)


I have turned many clients on to cleansing and have seen a drastic change in their eating habits which has reflected in their weight loss. One client in particular, after 3 years of trying to get her to adjust her eating habits, with no success, is now at her goal weight losing over 15 pounds since July.  She now does a cleanse once a month (which may be a bit intense).


If your looking for a kick off to start eating healthier cleansing may be the answer.


Do you have a favorite cleanse?
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6 responses to “Nekter Juice Cleanse Review”

  1. Carrie says:

    does the dog cleanse?

  2. Michelle says:

    Hi! My fave cleanse is Arbonne’s 7 Day Cleanse. You can still eat (but CLEAN), and gentle enough for me to teach and take on recess duty. I also follow their 30 Days to Fit clean eating detox lifestyle. Truly, we are what we absorb and food is either fuel or poison. (Excited to find your blog through The Cuties! Rock on sister!)

  3. meghan says:

    Johnna, thanks for your post! Does your client just do one day of cleansing once a month? Are there any weight loss benefits to just doing one day? I’m thinking of trying this as soon as I finish breastfeeding in a few months.

    • johnna.green@me.com says:

      Meghan, Whilw there are no health benefits of doing a 1 day cleanse, it is helpful in giving yourself a fresh start and helping your cravings. The first time I did the cleanse was when I stopped breast feeding at it really helped me think about what I was eating. Because when I was breastfeeding with my second I was eating constantly and everything! I do not recommend doing a cleanse (even if it’s just 1 day) more then once a month. Though I do suggest trying it at least once and seeing how your body reacts. Good Luck!

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