February 4, 2014

Nekter Juice Bar Toxin Flush Recipe

Ever since getting my fab Omega VRT350 juicer for Christmas, I have been a bit obsessed.
 Daily we make enough juice for the following day or two.  Now not all of my creations have been tasty, there have been some epic disasters.  I have discovered mustard greens can look similar to kale, but will make your juice taste like horseradish and give your instant heartburn.  You never want to substitute cilantro for parsley (those damn little leafy greens look far too much alike!).  Oh, and be careful not to overdue any one ingredient.  Too much spinach could make you eat not drink your juice.  A smidge too much ginger can over power all the other flavors.  If you don’t love beets then you may want to avoid them all together  (They are really good for you – Im  still learning not to hate them).


My love for juice began when I first tried Nekter’s Toxin Flush.  It’s like a California Roll when you first introduced to sushi.  Before discovering Toxic Flush I had no desire to drink anything that resembled celery or spinach. Now I need juice like you “coffee people” need coffee.  So it’s fitting that my first juice recipe I have recreated is Nekter’s Toxin Flush.   


Here’s the Skinny  (16 Oz)
2 -3 Apples
Large handful of Spinach
Handful of Parsley
1 inch Ginger
half lemon


Juice the apples in between the greens.
If you really dislike pulp hand squeeze the lemons instead of putting them through the juicer

Do you L.O.V.E. Toxin Flush as much as I do?  What’s your favorite juice recipe?


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