January 18, 2014

Pretty Eyebrows… Prettier Face

Eye Brows….I never leave home without them.  No seriously, I never leave home without filling in my eyebrows.  Wether it’s to my Sunday 8:30 am barre class or running to the grocery store because we ran out of milk. They act as a picture frame for the face, balance your features and define your eyes.  Basically they make me feel prettier, and I’ll do just about anything that takes less then 60 seconds to make me feel prettier…. and so should you.
Brows 1
Wake up – fill in  your brows – and IF you have time left over, clean the breakfast dishes.


Whats in my makeup box:


Anastasia Brow Wiz– The tip is super fine to mimic eyebrow hair
Cover Girl Natural Lash Mascara–  Just crispy enough to tame my brows
Benefit High Brow– Because I like a lifted arch


What products are behind your fab eyebrows?



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