January 6, 2014

Healthy Snacks I Love

I am a self proclaimed hypoglycemic. Which is why I need snacks. Every morning  I have 2 lovely alarms that wake me by 6am for mandatory cuddle time (which I thoroughly enjoy).  As early as 7am we are all dressed, the sitter arrives, and my day begins.  Having my home Pilates studio in our garage has its perks. I’m never away from my girls more then a few hours, I do the laundry in between clients, and I can throw dinner in the oven just before my final client arrives.  But I also have no down time.  At least one of my monkeys is attached to my leg until seconds before my first client arrives, and running to the door to greet me the second I walk in it.  Which leaves me little time to eat.  Going up to 6 hrs without a break, I become starving.  When I am starving I get cranky, dizzy, edgy, dramatic , and I even do this weird burping thing (pretty gross).  Needless to say I’m on a constant search for quick, satisfying, healthy snacks that will stop me from passing out (told you I’m dramatic).




photo 1.PNG-3



 I discovered Orgain when I was pregnant and was tired of feeling hungry! It’s actually the only meal replacement drink I’ve ever had that doesnt make me gag. Creamy Chocolate is my flavor of choice, it really does taste like chocolate milk!

Tanka bars are the only thing good that came out of my husbands 30 day Paleo diet.  Having perimeters on my diet drives me nuts! It makes me want to eat everything I‘m “not supposed to.”  So for 30 days he drove me nuts too, but I have forgiven him because he introduced me to Tanka bars.  I am a beef jerky girl so this healthier option makes me happy. I love the original flavor.


photo 3


I totally heart Kind bars. I love them because I don’t have to pretend I enjoy them.  You know when you chew and try to hold your breath at the same time. Not needed here.  There are 18 flavors to choose from so you are bound to find one you like.  My fave is the Almond & Apricot in Yogurt. So yummy!


What’s your fave go to snack?


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