September 9, 2014

FITspiration – Lindsey’s 8 Weeks To Body Back – Week 5


It’s really coming down to the last few weeks and I’m starting to get a little sad…I love that Johnna gave me the opportunity to do something like this, I feel honored in a way and secretly kind of don’t want it to end. We planned a last minute adult trip to Boise in October to go visit my sister in law and brother in law, I have promised myself that I am going to keep on this healthy road up until then. That trip will be lots of football games, breweries, good food and god knows what else! I hope I survive!


My Workout Week

Monday: Run 3 miles / Fab Arms In 5 Video

Tuesday: Run 2 miles / Bikini Body Video

Wednesday: Run 2 miles / Bubble Butt Video (I LOVE THIS)

Thursday: Pilates

Friday: Pilates

Saturday:  Rest

Sunday: Pilates

For anyone who does Johnna’s arm videos… does anyone else have this problem? The videos never get easier!!! Haha Don’t get me wrong I LOVE THEM, but jeez. I will feel sore in my triceps for at least two days after and I love that feeling! I’m convinced at the end of this I will have much better arms.

Even at week 5 I still hate running. Some days it’s so easy to whip out 2 – 3 miles, and others it is like pulling teeth. My legs are moving but I feel like I’m not going anywhere! That happened to me this week! I wasn’t able to make it to spin and I really wanted to this week. There was so much going on with the holiday, school being closed, and then my daughter came down with a little sickness. Oh life.

Lindsey’s Tip Of The Week

I do have a little secret I need to let out… I haven’t stepped on the scale since the beginning of week three. I had lost 8 pounds…I was getting frustrated because I would get on everyday and I started to notice that the weight wasn’t changing. It wasn’t going up but it was pretty much staying in place or dropping like .01 of a pound. I was watching the body fat % drop like crazy though. I told myself I was going to put the scale away. I was getting irritated because I would look in the mirror and see change, my clothes were fitting so much better and most of all I felt better…after all, isn’t that what matters most? I don’t need the scale. Weight is just a number. 


Johnna & Lindsey’s Weekly Meet Up

If Lindsey’s bootcamp ended right now I would feel like we succeeded and I did my job.  Weight is just a number.   I have had so many experiences getting on the scale feeling great and then getting off of it in complete frustration.  I never felt better then when I stopped using the scale as a measurement for feeling good about myself, and I concentrated on what I am dong to be a all around healthy person.  I am so happy that Lindsey has discovered this secret for herself.  Besides I can say with much envy that she is solid muscle!  Truth: Muscle weighs more then fat.  

As for Lindsey’s dislike for running.  Stop running. There are so many great cardio options out there.  If you don’t enjoy your workout you won’t want to do it.  When this bootcamp is all over I want her to continue her new found lifestyle and you won’t do that if you don’t love what you are doing. 

Click here to catch up with Lindsey’s progress

Her story//Week 1//Week 2//Week 3//Week 4

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September 8, 2014

Cute & Stylish Running Shorts

JPPEGGGGL2R:  Luluelmon//Navy Stripes    Without Walls//Patchwork   Athleta//Gray Stripes

L2R:  Without Walls// Black Mesh    Lorna Jane//Purple    Adidas//Black 

Going into week 5 of my Big Sur 1/2 marathon training and I am in need of some … shorts. Wow! I never thought those words would come out of my mouth. As you may have read here I recently purchased my first pair of shorts since I was 16 … and I liked it.  I actually don’t want to run in anything other then shorts now, it just feels so much cooler and free.  Being that I own one pair I am in serious need.  So I have rounded up some pretty dang cute ones!

Help me pick which ones I should order…. I’m kind of in L.O.V.E. with the patchwork ones.

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September 3, 2014

Taking Stock


Isn’t it funny how each day brings such a different you.  If I did this a few days ago I would have been sharing the hormonal, cranky, and annoyed me, but today I’m pretty damn happy.

Making :  My rented house feel like a home
Cooking :  Constantly
Drinking :  Rose’ (often)
Reading:  Girl Boss (still)
Wanting:  For all my handwork to pay off
Looking:  For the perfect blazer & booties
Playing:  With my girls every chance I get while doing every project you can think of
Wasting:  Time wondering what the future holds
Sewing:  A felt headband for Harper’s first day back at school
Wishing:  My girls would never get older
Enjoying:  End of summer Friday nights on the beach with wine, friends, and happily occupied kids
Waiting:  For it to be Friday night to go to the beach and drink wine with friends while the kids are happily occupied
Liking:  Training for the half marathon (shocking)
Wondering:  What will come of this blog
Loving:  My life as a wife and mom 
Hoping:  To always be this happy and healthy
Marvelling:  At how much I can do in a day
Needing:  A lazy day
Smelling:  Eli’s gross sweaty workout clothes
Wearing:  Harem pants, joggers, and Birkenstocks (I can’t believe it either)
Following: My passions
Noticing:  How attractive confidence and kindness is
Knowing:  That it’s not the destination, it’s the journey
Thinking:  About how to complete my many projects
Bookmarking:  Inspiration
Opening:  My eyes to all the possibilities
Giggling:  Every time I watch, “Impractical Jokers”
Feeling:  Positive

Come on and play along (a blank list to copy and paste)- Let me know if you do

Making :
Cooking :
Drinking :

Inspired by Vanilla and Lace who was inspired by Meet Me At Mikes

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September 2, 2014

FITspirtation – Lindsey’s 8 Weeks To Body Back – Week 4



It is hard to believe that I am half way through this fitness journey! I feel like the weeks are just flying by. I would have thought that this process would have been awful and long. By now I have just got in such a good routine that everything is smooth sailing. I really am noticing a huge change in my body in just 4 short weeks! My arms feel dramatically smaller and toned. My stomach feels and looks a little flatter ( like I am not pregnant with a wine baby). The areas that are still bothering me are my legs and love handles… harder areas for me to target. I think I actually LOVE doing Johnna’s Pilates side sit ups and booty work at the studio now.


 My Workout Week

Monday : Barre/Sculpt

Tuesday : (Sick) Pilates series of 5 ab  Video & Fab Arms In 5 Video 

Wednesday: Run 20min / Pilates

Thursday Run 25min / Pilates

Friday: Spin

Saturday: Rest

Sunday: Spin/Sculpt



 Lindsey’s Tip Of The Week

I have been going to the Farmers Market every Wednesday. Buying fresh fruit and veggies for home keeps me out of the market so I am not as tempted to buy “snack” stuff and forced to use my meat and veggies for dinner.

I made a juice this week that was SO good. Do you ever buy a beet juice from the Nektar and it kind of ruin the whole juice by making it taste like dirt?? Beets can be so over powering! These beets from the farmers market this week were so amazing!! The juice my daughter and I made had absolutely no trace of “dirt” taste. I think I figured out why! Carrots! Adding carrots off sets them and makes it a bit sweeter.


1 beet

1 red apple

½ green apple

½ lemon

½ lime

3 carrots

½ cucumber



I have to say this week I have had major food cravings??? Out of nowhere! Maybe it is because my daughter begged me for cheese pizza for dinner and the smell of it in my car on the drive home drove me insane, or the fact that I took her to Yogurtland and she had chocolate vanilla swirl with tons of cookies and candies toppings. I was eyeballing every bite she took but I did not cave. I stayed strong… not even a little taste.

This coming week I am going to up my cardio and try to make it to a spin class every other day!

Johnna and Lindsey’s Weekly Meet Up

I can’t wait to try Lindsey’s Beet Juice Recipe!  It’s not easy for me to enjoy drinking beets.  I have noticed such a drastic change in Lindsey’s body and it’s because of her complete lifestyle change.  Most importantly she seems so much more comfortable in her body.  Even on Tuesday when she had the flu she still got the energy to do 15 minutes of Pilates videos.  Now that’s FITspiration!

Click here to catch up with Lindsey’s progress

Her Story//Week 1//Week 2// Week 3

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August 29, 2014

Best Parmesan Kale Chip Recipe


I am very aware that Kale is soooo 2013!  Aside from adding Kale to my daily juice (read here to learn all about the health benefits)  I don’t do much with it.  Not for any real reason.  I have had a Kale salad or two but wasn’t quite as blown away as everyone else in this Kale loving’ country.  In a couple of short days I have been involved in more then one conversation regarding the L.O.V.E. for Kale chips.  So I tried making them and I really liked them (so did my kids) especially when I discovered you can add parmesan cheese!  I am often struggling looking  for a simple side when I make hamburgers (because my sweet potato fries- suck!) and now I have Kale chips!

What’s To Heart?

Super simple and healthy side that resembles chips… without any preservatives!

Think Thin Tips

A healthier alternative to chips or fries (just watch the oil).

Parmesan Kale Chips

Serving Size- 4

Total Time – 30 minutes

1 Head Kale (Rinsed and completely dried)

2 Tablespoons Olive Oil

Kosher Salt To Taste

Parmesan To Taste

Preheat oven 275 degrees F.

Removing the ribs tear the Kale into about 2 inch pieces.  Drizzle with olive oil making sure all the leaves are completely coated.  Place into the oven for 20-25 minutes until Kale is crispy.  Make sure to turn half way through.  Lightly sprinkle with kosher salt and shave fresh parmesan to taste.  Tadah!  You have a simple healthy side with little work.

Now that I have joined the Kale movement… please share with me your Kale recipes!

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