December 15, 2014

Ginger, Lemon, Cayenne Wellness Shot Recipe


I really dislike coffee.  I don’t like the taste, the feeling it gives me, or the smell.  Have I lost you yet?  So what is a mother of two to do that doesn’t drink coffee?!? I drink  Ginger, Lemon, Cayenne in a shot.  Ginger  is known as the wonder root that among many health benefits acts as a natural energy booster.  The lemon and Cayenne Pepper is said to improve cravings and act as an appetite suppressant among other exciting things.  It wasn’t until I started drinking my fave green juice daily (recipe here) that I could really feel the effects of ginger!  The days I don’t drink it I just don’t feel as clear and energized.  Recently I have been extra busy which means I need extra energy.  Back in the day when I wanted to be extra drunk I had a shot… now in my old age when I need extra energy I still have a shot!

What You Need?

1 Lemon

1 inch Ginger

1 Pinch Cayenee

It’s as simple as dropping the lemon and ginger into a juicer  (I prefer the Omega VRT350)  and topping it with a pinch of cayenne.  Don’t have a juicer?  You can have your local juice shop make you one!

While your at it check out  A Shallow Girls Guide To The Health Benefits Of Juicing

Do you have a fave Wellness Shot?  Please share below.

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November 26, 2014

Good Things To Come…


It’s been awhile…. but for good reason I promise! I have been working on a project that I am extremely excited about that will just be an extension of my blog, “In All Of Her Splendor.”  I will be announcing the deets in February 2015.  All I can say its it’s going to be good!  While I can’t keep up with my 4 post per week, I do plan on checking in on a weekly basis until my big announcement.

Lot’s of Love

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October 17, 2014

Walk Your Way To Losing Weight



Walk your way to losing weight and staying fit!  It’s kind of that simple.  Toss your car keys to the side and get outside and… walk. Wether it’s to the grocery store, lunch, or a jaunt around the block with your kids, it adds up. An extra 30 minutes of walking each day can help you burn an additional 100-300.   I recently  had to take my car in for service and desperately needed food to satisfy my little ladies and my growling belly. My only choice was to walk about a mile to the nearest grocery store… and I liked it.  Partly because I dread taking the girls in and out of the car and partly because I felt like I was getting a little exercise while doing my errands in the sun.  Win! Win! If you ask me.  Since then I have walked to the grocery store (numerous times), to Yogurt Land, the park, and just walked to walk.


Screen Shot 2014-10-16 at 8.39.23 PM

Tip: Walking speed matters less then distance

Chart via

How are you going to add walking to your day today?

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October 15, 2014

FITspiration – Lindsey’s 8 Weeks To Body Back – The Big Reveal


To say Lindsey was successful over the 8 weeks is an understatement.  Not only did she lose 19 inches and over 16 pounds she learned the importance of living a healthy life.  We all have a lot to learn from Lindsey so I asked her a few questions to get all the lessons and details of her journey.

What did you learn most about yourself during these past 8 weeks?

Tip:  Mental strength is so much more important than physical strength. If you set your mind to it that you’re not going to give up on something, you will achieve it! If anything I feel stronger and more beautiful because of that!!!

I learned how mentally strong I AM! I was nervous to start this challenge because when I commit to something I give it my all.  Doing this 8 week challenge meant I had to be 100% accountable for every little thing I did.  From incorporating working out into my days to everything I put in my body.  I was scared that it was going to effect my social life in terms of eating out and drinking, but it didn’t.

Tip:  It isn’t about the number on the scale it is how you feel in your clothes, in the mirror, and how you physically feel.

Weight is just a number. When I stopped weighing myself at week 3  (and I haven’t stepped on the scale since, except at the doctor) that was the best thing I could have done during this journey.

Tip:  If you think about it our health is the most important thing we have in this life. Without it, were not much.

I learned how important it is to take care of your health and body! What the hell was I thinking? I was eating out everyday and partying like I was 21 again! I was out of control. I realized about 2 weeks into this journey that I was functioning at like 50% on a daily basis. I didn’t even know what it was like to feel normal anymore. I felt so run down, tired, lazy, I could write you a long list of negative feelings I had. Physical and emotional.


What was the hardest part about the 8 weeks?

Would I sound completely crazy if I said there was nothing hard about these past 8 weeks, once I actually committed of course! Once I decided to do this it was like cold turkey on pretty much everything that got me into the position to do an 8-week total transformation.  I did miss Crossfit.  I love the community I have at my Crossfit Gym.  It was something my husband and I did together. I missed that and I am happy to be a part have that with him.

What did you give up during the 8 weeks?

I gave up beer. The most amazing thing in the world right? Ok, maybe not to some people. But for me I LOVE BEER! I love all kinds of beer, all the time. Especially the really good brown ales, and dark stouts!  Of course all the really bad ones for you that have like 300 calories in 12 ounces!

I went back to a strict paleo “lifestyle.” I have a lot of people who ask me about paleo. “Oh, so you did the Paleo Diet?” There really is no such thing as a “paleo diet.” Either you are or you aren’t, it’s a lifestyle. You can use it as a diet but chances are when you go back to eating regular old crappy food, you will gain a ton of weight back.  You can’t just do it 50% percent of the time it is like yo-yo dieting. With all of my thyroid and digestive issues it works best for my body. I completely stay away from all grains, wheat, soy, processed foods, sugar and gluten.  You don’t have to eat Paleo to get my results.  I could have gotten the same results by “eating clean”, measuring my food, or eating just chicken and veggies every night.


What made you the most successful during this time?

Exercise: Daily. No matter what it was, even if it was a quick one-mile run! Of course I had days I didn’t want to do anything or I had so much to do I felt like I had no time. Or days when I was at Pilates and everything was so sore, I could barely move and I wanted to just quit. 

Moderation: This was very important. I went from my mom visiting for 2 months and we drank amazing bottles of wine every night while eating out all the time.  I started out the 8 weeks quitting drinking cold turkey and about 2 weeks in it I would drink if  we went out to dinner. I would be mindful about what I ordered to drink, like if I wanted a Margarita then it consisted of tequila, soda water, and fresh lime juice!

Consistency: I knew that I needed to be consistent if I was going to see results. I would have a plan for the week every Sunday night. I had my pilates schedule and around that I based all my other work out regimens. There was never a day I woke up going “hmmm what am I going to do today for my workout.”

The workouts were the easy part; it was the diet that had to be consistent all the time. And if I had a little cheat, I made up for it the next day.

Balance: Balance could mean numerous things but for me it meant balance with my life:

I still had a normal life during all of this. Ok, yes I stay home with my daughter but my husband works 24/7. People may think I have all the time in the world to cook amazing meals, write up a weekly work out, plan all of this and that. Wrong! On top of running my house and taking care of my daughter and husband I do have a “real” job too. I am a hair stylist and work 10-12 hours ever Saturday.  No matter how you look at it, it’s not always easy. Even if you’re a “stay at home mom.” In fact I think staying home is a way harder job than most. So, I needed to find balance, a balance that would keep everyone happy in my house, including me.  I didn’t want this to take over my life and take me away from the things that matter most, my family.


What was different about your workout routine in the last 8 weeks?

Going to pilates about 3-4 times a week! Which is killer. I would have parts of my body that was sore that I didn’t even know a muscle existed in that spot or area. I never did pilates 4 times a week with Johnna. This was great! I ran. I had to run. If you read my previous posts you know how much I hate running! I still do! Like I said above, I would plan out a weekly work out regime based around my pilates schedule. I actually had a routine and I stuck to it 95% of the time.

Do you think you will maintain this healthy lifestyle?

I absolutely will. No doubt about it. Not just because I look and feel great, but because I know my body loves me right now. Especially my endocrine system. My lab work for my thyroid has never been better!

Thank you to everyone, friends, family, co-workers, strangers who have followed my story on Johnna’s blog. The number of text messages and Facebook messages I received were overwhelmingly amazing. Messages saying, you look great, you’re doing wonderful or how my story was inspiring to them to live a healthier life style. To the girls at Pilates who encouraged me each week and told me how great I was doing. And most of all a huge thank you to the most amazing Pilates instructor / friend Johnna. You have no idea what have you done for me in this short 8 weeks. You reminded me how important my health is. You made me feel like ME again. I can’t thank you enough for this opportunity and I will feel forever grateful!

Dearest Lindsey,

Like many of us, you have  inspired me in so many ways.  Your dedication and ability to mentally and physically commit to your goals.  Your passion for cooking and creating amazing food.  Your openness and honesty throughout this 8 weeks.  I mean look at what you have accomplished in 8 weeks!!!  Thank you for letting me be a part of your journey.  

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October 7, 2014

5 Reasons To Run A 5 K


My First 5k


To be completely honest, up until this year I have never really understood the allure of doing a 5k.  Mostly because I was naive to the fact that 3.1 miles can be a huge accomplishment to many people and it’s so much more then just running a few miles.  This past weekend I participated in my first 5k “The Aloha Run” in Long Beach and it was a great experience for many reasons and here are 5 of them.





 The greatest moments I have witnessed in a long time is watching this young lady in tears of joy as she completed the race. It still brings tears to my eyes.  Doing  a 5k is a great way to begin your journey as a runner or set a personal fitness goal and accomplish it.




One of my favorite parts of  going to the 5k was watching all of the great costumes and feeling the excitement.  You see mothers and fathers running along side their children, co-workers coming together (costumes and all), and large groups running for a cause close to their hearts. This Bride to be and maid of honor have nine 5k and 10k races to complete before the big day.  What a great way to get healthy and fit for your wedding!




If you have trained for a half or full marathon you would know that some run days can be brutally boring!  Doing a 5k is a great way to mix things up while getting a run in.




It’s like a dress rehearsal for the big run preparing you for everything from what to expect when it comes to checking in to running with hundreds of other people.



How many weekend mornings do you find yourself trying to figure out something different to do?  With so many different types of 5k’s out there to choose from it’s a fun and healthy way to spend your weekend with family and friends.  We ended our run with snow cones, hawaiian dancers, music, and fire dancers!


Why do you run 5k’s? What’s your favorite 5k?


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