April 23, 2015

Toned, Tanned, And Lean Barre Arm Workout



Summer is coming and we all want to feel good in our summer tanks and dresses.  Since change doesn’t happen in a day the best time to start working on your arms is now!  Here is a great 5 minute arm workout that when done regularly will get you the tone lean arms you desire.  Grad your 2 or 3 pound weights and workout with me!

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April 17, 2015

Weightloss & Wellness Drink


If you like wine, carbs, and sugar like I do than this is the perfect drink for you.  It breakdown carbs, increases your metabolism, leaves you with glowing skin, and so much more!  I mean why would you not drink it!

What’s your favorite wellness shot?

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April 14, 2015

Ultimate Standing Booty & Hamstring Workout


These days I have been quite obsessed with a few of these moves to tighten my thighs and lift my booty!  I recommend doing these throughout the day in between your daily chores because … why not ?!?


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April 4, 2015

Green Juice No Juicer Needed




As you may know I LOVE LOVE LOVE my green juice and my cold press juicer.   After talking and talking about it I finally convinced my bestie Collette the  health benefits of juicing, but she didn’t have a juicer….. so she figured out how to do it with just a blender!  (Check out the ingredients and recipe by clicking here  )

This is my personal favorite, I can’t live without juice recipe.  What’s yours?


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March 31, 2015

My Miscarriage Story



I feel so lucky to have the opportunity to be the mother of two healthy beautiful girls.  So lucky.  It took me some time to get pregnant with my first and then sadly,  like many, I had a miscarriage before having my second baby girl.  All this left me really sad, full of questions, and at times feeling alone.  I am sharing my story with you in hopes to help answer questions when you have experienced a lost or have someone close to you  who has.

I had a really hard time losing the weight from my miscarriage and I didn’t know why.  The frustration didn’t come just from the vanity of it all,  it was the reminder of feeling and looking pregnant without the baby to show for it.  In this video I share my experience and how I finally lost the weight.

Please share your advice, questions, or thoughts in the comments below.  By sharing our life experiences we can help someone who is experiencing the same thing.

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